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Track &Field:

Our ACS Track and Field Team put on an incredible show at MESAC this year! I'm pleased to report that both our JV and Varsity Girls and Boys are bringing home the Sportmanship Banners this year with overall scores of 19.2 out of 20. It is a true honor to receive this award from the other teams competing.

ACS came in Third Place overall with 15 points. Our JV Girls earned Bronze overall with 66 points and our Varsity Boys earned Gold overall with 91.5 points.

The weekend was full of Personal Bests and new ACS records. We are incredibly proud of the entire team
Here are the results:

400m Hurdles:
JV Girls: Allie - Silver
Varsity Girls: Maria - Gold
Varsity Boys: Sam - Silver

4 x 100 Relay:
JV Girls: Allie, Dalia, Maddie, & Teresa - Gold & New ACS Record!
Varsity Boys: Sam, Faris, Jermaine, & Salahedeen - Silver & New ACS Record!

800m Run:
Varsity Boys: Jermaine - Gold & New ACS Record!

400m Dash:
JV Girls: Teresa - Gold & New ACS Record!
JV Boys: Alawy - Gold
Varsity Boys: Salahedeen - Gold & New ACS Record!

Shot Put:
Varsity Girls: Gabriella - Gold

200m Dash:
JV Girls: Teresa - Gold
JV Boys: Alawy - Silver
Varsity Boys: Salahedeen - Bronze

Triple Jump:
Varsity Boys: Jermaine - Gold & ACS Record

100m Hurdles:
JV Girls: Allie - tied for Gold
Varsity Girls: Maria - Gold
Varsity Boys: Faris - Bronze & Sam - Gold

High Jump:
JV Boys: Amirou - Bronze

JV Boys: Thomas - Silver & New ACS Record

100m Dash:
JV Girls: Teresa - Gold
JV Boys: Alawy - Bronze & Thomas Murray - Silver
Varsity Boys: Salahedeen - Silver

4 x 400m Relay:
JV Girls: Allie, Sarah, Kayla, & Teresa - Silver
JV Boys: Daniel, Amirou, Thomas, & Alawy - Bronze
Varsity Boys: Sam, Faris, Lukas, & Salahedeen - Silver & New ACS Record!

Well done, Vipers!

Varsity Baseball/Softball:

ACS Varsity Boys won Bronze defeating Delhi

Varsity Girls lost the Bronze metal game 0-1

MESAC Forensics

Congratulations to everyone on the team and to coaches Steve Crandell and Dawn Schoenbein.

Hanny and Yazan - Champions!

Serious Oral Interpretation
Elena - Bronze Medal
Sara - Silver Medal

Comic Oral Interpretation
Aidan - Bronze Medal

Forensics team earned 3rd place overall
and qualified for the Sportsmanship Award