MS Athletics, Arts, & Activities


The athletic program in the middle school continues to grow and evolve and is under the direction of the Athletics Director. The goal of the program is to support young athletes as they build skills and sportsmanship as they experience competitive sports, many for the first time. Our goal is participation, not winning, and with the newly-formed Grade 6 league, we hope to soon have a "no cut" policy within middle school teams.

Practices are held before and after school twice a week, and games take place after school and on weekends. ACS belongs to the Emirates Athletic Conference (EAC), which includes about ten schools in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and the EAC organizes end-of-season tournaments. We follow three seasons, and the following sports are offered:




Soccer (Grade 6)


Cross Country



Tennis (Grade 8)

Track – (Grade 6)


Badminton (Grade 8)

Softball (Grade 8)

Track and Field

Baseball (Grade 8)

Basketball (Grade 6)

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Besides offering band, choir, guitar, visual arts, design technology, and drama courses as a part of our encore courses in the middle school, middle school students are also able to attend regional arts festivals. Every year, our middle school students audition and are selected to attend a weekend arts festival hosted by one of our regional partner schools. In addition to this, usually in the spring, the middle school puts on dramatic production.


Four FAS (Fun After School) sessions are offered throughout the year. These activities are designed to be fun, social and engaging for students and staff. Teachers, parents and high school students sponsor and lead activities ranging from cooking to Model United Nations. All students are allowed to participate in activities of their choice, and these are designed to given students exposure to areas they might not have as part of the regular school program.

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Student Council

The Middle School Student Council plans events and activities for the student-body. Any student interested in being a part of the student council is welcome to do so - there are no elections. The Student Council runs the weekly assembly and advocates for student issues. Students interested in improving their leadership skills are encouraged to be a part of this group.