High School Support Services

Academic Support and Study Skills Program

The High School Academic Support Program (Study Skills) at the American Community School of Abu Dhabi is a program for students who require support to improve academic performance. Students are placed in Study Skills by the Student Support Team (SST) because of Academic Probation, Conditional Admissions contract, mild learning disabilities, academic or social/emotional needs, or have self-selected the course to improve their study skills in a supportive environment.

The SST, comprised of the counselor, Academic Support teacher, and principal meet regularly to assess student needs and performance. The SST, with input from teachers, may recommend placement in Study Skills or decide on other interventions as part of a student's support plan. It is not necessary that a child have an identified disability to receive services. Students are scheduled in Study Skills as a regular class, meeting two or three times per week. Recommendations for students who are struggling to meet academic standards may also include tutoring, summer school, outside testing or counseling.

Communication with parents regarding student progress is through report card comments, email, phone calls, and parent conferences.

The purpose of the Study Skills program is to improve student learning through study strategies and improving work habits to improve academic performance. Students will focus on improving skills in using school resources, studying and reading strategies, time management, test taking, note taking, memory, academic skills and self-advocacy and understanding learning styles, depending on individual student needs.

The decision to exit a student from the Study Skills program is made on an individual basis. Students generally move to Directed Studies to work independently or to another course depending on need.

High School Counseling

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