February's Theme is Responsible

Responsible students know how to protect themselves online. They avoid sharing personal information and think before they post information or send messages. A big part of being responsible is understanding how our actions online become part of our digital footprint.

“Filling out a form, sending an email to a friend, posting a photo, and pretty much everything one does online – even the simple act of visiting a website or using a search engine – leaves a trail. This trail, called a digital footprint, is made of bits and pieces of information on one’s computer and on other computers and servers around the world, which allow other people to learn about you.” Commonsense Media.

In Elementary School, students will focus on internet safety and an introduction to the concept of a digital footprint.

In Middle School and High School, students will learn how to manage their digital footprints and to think about their digital footprints before they post.

Please see below some of our resources for Parents to help students become responsible.

Digital Footprints.pdf

Cyber Savvy Teens.pdf

Parent Teen Agreement.pdf

MS-Family Media Agreement.pdf

HS-Family Media Agreement.pdf

Protecting & Respecting Privacy.pdf

MS-Family Tip for Safe Online Talk.pdf

The Always Up-To-Date Guide to Managing Your Facebook Privacy