IT Technical Services

Information Technology at ACS

The existing computing and communication infrastructure includes:

Network - All instructional spaces, administration office, library and other infrastructure of the school are connected over a robust and fault tolerant LAN.

Servers - Using a vast farm of servers and technologies, our team of seasoned engineers offers a wide variety of networking services to our schools.

Tablets/Laptops - The school has an installed base of over 500 student and staff tablets and laptops spread across various divisions and departments. All faculty and students in grades 4-12 work in a 1:1 environment.

Wireless Access - All instructional spaces, administration offices, library and other infrastructure of the school access the technology resources on the servers through 802.11ac access points.

Internet - Access to the Internet is available through multiple high-speed links.

Technical Support Services

Dedicated technical support personnel are available during the school's working hours to provide technical support services for all hardware and software needs. A Certified Apple Technician works on-site daily to assist with all Apple-related needs and services. Our other qualified engineers are able to respond immediately to resolve more troublesome technical issues.

Other Services and User Policies

Interactive Media Services

IT provides and supports videoconferencing, web meetings, e-learning services, and other on-campus events requiring technology.

User Policies

Responsible Use and Network Use Policies provide students and staff with the guidelines for the use of technology systems in the school.