The Arts


Central to the school’s mission statement, ACS offers an outstanding program in the Visual, Dramatic and Performing Arts.

The Art Program is an integral aspect of school curriculum and is supported by after school activities. Our students benefit from international exchange with our MESAC counterparts and host visiting artists and authors throughout the year. In addition to our own vibrant program the students take advantage of the international and local programs the city of Abu Dhabi offers. Art teachers at ACS offer a wide variety of educational opportunities in the Arts and focus on skill development, cross-curricular connections, and multicultural understanding. The Arts are viewed as a central element to the school, and this is felt in the voices of the Elementary school singers right alongside the exciting artworks of IB Visual Art students.

In the Elementary school the focus is on Drama, Dance, Music and Visual Arts offered through individual classes in these subject areas. In Middle and High School, the Arts are split even further in their specific disciplines with students being offered an array of Arts courses to choose from. Whether it be Painting and Drawing, Stagecraft, or Musical Theatre there is something for every artist at ACS. Arts at ACS is one of a kind.

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Band is a place where students can express themselves through playing in a concert band. Some exciting opportunities this year include: AMIS International Honor Band being held in London, the Abu Dhabi Select Band/Honor Band being held throughout this year, the MESAC Fine Arts festival being held in Dubai, the MS Invitational in Muscat, playing in the pit orchestra for the musical Grease, and other chamber ensemble opportunities. All students are encouraged and welcomed to participate in any extra curricular activities such as the ones listed above.

Band Chorus


The Choral program at the American Community School is designed for any student in grade six through twelve with a desire to sing. The program fosters a love of music from diverse cultures, time periods, and genres while enabling students to learn and use musical notation, sight reading, and listening skills. It also puts an emphasis on choir as a group of individuals who, through a love of music, can form a community of caring individuals dedicated to sharing quality music with everyone they meet.


The mission of the ACS Choral Program is to educate and equip our students in the study and execution of the musical performing arts and to prepare them for a lifetime of musical experiences and personal enrichment.

The ACS Choral program currently includes five choirs: in Middle School there are three between grades 6-8, and in High School there are two – Concert Choir and XPRESSIONS. We proudly serve our community with a diverse and exciting program that provides students with an experience extending far beyond the normal classroom.

Students travel internationally to choral festivals where they have the opportunity to sing with students from all over the world. The process of notes, rhythms, style interpretation, and staging translate into a tapestry of top-notch performances that are presented on the ACS stage and streamed on the internet to reach loved ones across the globe.

Visual Arts


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Visual Arts

The Middle School Art Program is content rich and creatively fantastic. The High School Visual Arts room at ACS Abu Dhabi is a vibrant place with lots of exciting things happening throughout the year.

Throughout the year our Production Art team work on various projects schoolwide to assist and provide creative flair for publications. In the fall we work together behind the scenes to assist with backdrops and stage sets for the High School Musical. Gallery visits are a monthly endeavor with the Hop on Art Bus taking students to current exhibitions in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

In early February we have our Senior Fine Arts festival, which brought us to New Delhi last year. The theme was Bollywood and we worked on creating large canvases of billboard style movie posters. This was followed by a fabulous IB art show, which showcased our seniors with their own exhibitions of collections of work from their two-year course of study. Our very own Kate Whatley entered one of her pieces in the Sister Cities Art contest and won first prize! Her piece is currently traveling around the world in an artist showcase.

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The high school students also displayed their culminating Acrylic, Mosaic and Paper Mache pieces at the lovely Café Arabia in June followed by a personal showcase by their teacher Loretta Mazzuchin.



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Whether you want to shine on stage or make it happen backstage ACS Theatre is for you! Musicals, comedies, tragedies, one act plays, improvisation, juggling, and puppetry are just a few of the avenues we'll use to display your talent. If technical Theatre is more your speed we have love for your under-appreciated work as well! Whether you're in a Theatre class this year or not, we would like to have you. See Ms. Dertian or check our outdoor call board (near the nurse's office) for upcoming meetings, auditions, performances, and more. Break a LEG as Dionysus is watching.



In our dance course we learn about how to warm up and cool down the body to prevent injury, create our own class music video, choreograph as a class and in small groups, learn about some dance history, watch inspirational dance videos, sweat and laugh. Our course should really be called "Dance Appreciation" because having any dance training or ability is not a prerequisite; you only need an open mind and a desire to learn more about the art of dance.