ACS Virtual Wellness Series

Presented by the PTA Mental Health Committee
Dana Allen, Raya Asfour, Kristen Dougherty, Roulana Jarrar, Miran Farah

In May 2020 for Mental Health Awareness month, the committee launched a 3-part ACS Virtual Wellness Series, dedicated to bringing parents together to care for ourselves, our families and our community especially in light of the global pandemic. Below are the videos from each part in the series.


Wellness Series Video #1

5pm Sunday, May 10 | ACS Wellness Series #1
A Wellness Conversation with Dr. Khaled Kadry, Clinical Director and Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, moderated by Jenna Murray, ACS School Psychologist.


Wellness Series Video #2

5pm Sunday, May 17 | ACS Wellness Series #2
The Wellness Collective: Physical, Nutritional and Mental Health with Bodytree Wellness Studio / Nectar Functional Foods Café / Suzan Terzian Nutritional Consultancy


Wellness Series Video #3

5pm Sunday, May 31 | ACS Wellness Series #3
Reassuring, Reframing and Empowering: A Holistic Approach to Mental Health for Children. A conversation with Laura Brennen, Darkness into Light Abu Dhabi and Micheline Foss, ACS Counselor to arm parents with strategies for awareness and moving forward to a new future. Wellness resources from the series below.