KG1-12 Curriculum

Guided by the ideal of life-long learning for all, The American Community School of Abu Dhabi strives to engage and inspire each member of our diverse student body to reach their fullest potential.

Our school offers a KG1-12 American-based curriculum that is aligned to internationally recognized standards and benchmarks. This comprehensive framework for teaching and learning is supported by research-based best instructional practice and infused with ongoing assessment and feedback that allows for individual growth and success. At ACS, we strive to value, stretch, and support each student within our community of learning, empowering all to achieve to their fullest potential.

Our curricular program is continually reviewed and refined to embrace the best of what we know about teaching and learning. International mindedness is embedded into our curriculum and instruction to develop truly global leaders for tomorrow's world.

Students in grades 11 and 12 are offered the opportunity to take Advanced Placement courses, or participate in the IBO’s Diploma Programme. Our school mission of cultivating well-rounded and responsible thinkers and leaders with a global perspective is evident in our many-faceted curricular offerings across the school, including a commitment to service learning at all divisions.

Assessment at ACS is an ongoing process used to inform instructional practice, monitor student progress, and make curricular decisions. A continuous formative assessment feedback loop is utilized to differentiate and target instruction while summative assessments evaluate student attainment of learning objectives. External assessments such as the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) tests, WrAP writing tests, PSAT, SAT, AP, and IB assessments provide our community with valuable information for gauging effectiveness and determining future directions.

Learning empowers teachers, too. Our experienced and talented educators participate in regional and international professional development experiences to build expertise and effectiveness. As a member of NESA (Near East South Asia Council of Overseas Schools), ACS enjoys opportunities throughout the school year for professional learning and collaboration. However, we find equally beneficial the professional learning that occurs here at ACS, within our framework of collaborative job-embedded teaching and learning. We take the term “community of learners” to heart. ACS teachers make use of dedicated time to work together on Professional Learning Teams for the purpose of analyzing student work, identifying student needs, setting student and educator goals, exploring and implementing instructional strategies, and assessing the impact of those refinements on student performance. This collaborative work is evidence of our continuing commitment to being a community of learners, all striving to learn and grow together.

ACS is accredited by the Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges (MSA), a premier accrediting agency for both American and international schools.

At ACS, we believe in the power of learning for everyone in our community. I invite you to browse the divisional sites to learn more about our many-faceted curricular offerings.

Dr. Jennifer Ricks
Director of Learning