Fine & Performing Arts

The American Community School of Abu Dhabi Arts Program cultivates a lifelong appreciation, enjoyment, respect, and love of he arts through creation and experience with a variety of creative, practical, and fine arts. By gaining skills and competence in various artistic genres and mediums, students develop an aesthetic understanding of the arts that will continue throughout life. The ultimate goal for our students is to develop “artistic literacy” in one of many available fine and performing arts disciplines.

Learning in the arts at ACS is an active, hands-on, process-oriented experience. Students overcome their fear of failure through taking risks. They are challenged to think spontaneously and divergently, to recognize and respect different points of view, each other's products, creations, and opinions. The arts classroom is characterized by energy, engagement, and excitement that are evident in the deep involvement on the part of students and teachers. Students assess both process and product in a variety of ways.

Our curriculum is grounded in the four artistic processes: creating, performing, presenting, or producing, responding, and connecting. Students create, practice, critique, and present their work. Working individually and as a member of a group, students develop a positive, professional attitude. They learn to take pride in reflection, exhibition, performance, and sharing. Studying the arts enables all students to develop cultural understanding and allows them to participate in the sense of community that is integral to their education.

The ACS arts curriculum is adapted from the National Core Arts Standards, a comprehensive US-based standards document that provides a set of K12 learning outcomes for all disciplines within fine and performing arts.