The study of mathematics equips students with knowledge, skills, and habits of mind that are essential for college, career and adult life. To learn mathematics in a way that will serve them well throughout their lives, students need classroom experiences that help them develop mathematical understanding; learn important facts, skills, and procedures; develop the ability to apply the processes of mathematics; and acquire a positive attitude towards mathematics.

Mathematics at ACS is taught with research-based materials and methodologies. Resources used are aligned to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. In addition to providing grade-level benchmarks for student mathematical knowledge and skill, the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice reinforce a need to focus on mathematical problem solving, reasoning, constructing mathematical arguments, mathematical modeling, using mathematical tools appropriately, and attending to precision. Both mathematical understanding and procedural skill are emphasized as equally important components of overall achievement in our mathematics program.

Mathematics is a powerful learning tool. As students identify relationships between mathematical concepts and everyday situations and make connections between mathematics and other subjects, they develop the ability to use mathematics to extend and apply their knowledge in other curriculum areas, including sciences, the arts, and humanities.

The ACS Mathematics curriculum is aligned to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. The curriculum was last reviewed in 2012.