Social Studies

The study of Social Studies at ACS is the exploration and analysis of people in relation to their past, their environment, and their societies. Through thoughtful investigations of the various strands of Social Studies, ACS students become more connected with their world and build a deeper understanding of the interrelated nature of history, geography, economics, issues, events, cultures and their place within this complex world. We promote the transfer of knowledge and skills to life through active learning and social interaction within an integrated curriculum focused on our host country, the US and other regions of the world.

A significant emphasis on critical thinking, research, geography skills, effective communication, and historical understanding is greatly enhanced through the use of technology. A student-centered, collaborative approach to developing understanding is at the core of our program.

Development of an empathetic, reflective and active global citizen is central to social studies education. Students must feel empowered to make informed and reasoned decisions through their knowledge and understanding of the diverse and dynamic nature of society and the interaction among cultures, societies, governments, and environments.

The ACS Social Studies curriculum is adapted from the National Council for the Social Studies C3 Framework.