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Health & Wellness Center

There are two HAAD/NMC Licensed School Nurses who provide healthcare measures and maintain a healthy school population according to the local Health Ministry Standards (HAAD/ADEC) with respect and dignity.
We undertake the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD) mandated school health services.

  • Annual school health screening (Vision, Height, Weight and BMI recording with parent consent)
  • Supporting the HAAD immunization teams in providing vaccinations as per the UAE Childhood Immunization Schedule, within school, for grade 1+ grade 11 and any National Vaccination Campaigns (see Childhood Immunization Schedule button on left)
  • Monitoring and reporting of infectious illnesses
  • Assessment of minor health complaints,
  • Medication administration and care for students with specific health care needs
  • Initial care for emergencies and other urgent health situations arising in the school day.
  • School nurses enhance wellness and health promotion in the school community and incorporate national and international public health initiatives
Children with Healthcare Needs
ACS aims to support all children with healthcare needs such as Asthma, Diabetes, Allergies and Chronic Health Concerns. An individual healthcare plan (click on button to the left) is required to be completed for each child in collaboration with the student, parent, teacher and school nurses. This plan outlines the guidance for care and safety needs whilst at ACS and outlines the responsibility of all parties. ACS cannot be held responsible for any outstanding medical information or condition that has not been declared. If your child is prescribed regular or emergency medication, which is required to be held within school, please ensure we have a copy of the prescription. The medication must be provided in its original packaging and correctly labeled by the pharmacist. This is a compliance requirement within all schools by HAAD/ADEC.

Medication requirements within School
No medication will be administered within school or residential field trips without the prior consent of parents and can only be administered by staff if a HAAD licensed physician has prescribed it. This includes inhalers that may have been purchased without a doctor’s current assessment. (click on medication consent form button). This ensures safety not only for your child but also staff within the school environment.

If your child attends the Health & Wellness Office
Please be aware the nurses will assess your child and parents will be contacted via telephone or email if deemed appropriate for further follow up. We attempt at all times to work with parents for the benefit of their child and where relevant will inform them of any significant incidences.
The Health & Wellness team is always on hand to offer advice should you have any health concerns about your son/ daughter or wish to share information that is relevant to their health and wellbeing.
Please feel free to call 02 6815115 ext. 412 for assistance or email

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Restaurants/Specialty Stores for Special Diet

The following is a list of places that serve or sell food for special diets.

*Please note that ACS does not endorse these locations. If you would like to contribute to this list please let us know!

Susan Mitchell

I have been working as a school nurse in England and Abu Dhabi for the past 13 years and will be going on my 4th year here at ACS. My nursing career prior to specializing in school health has also been extensive. My husband and I have been expatriates for over 30 years and we have three sons who were born and raised in the Far East. I feel privileged to be part of our student's journey.

Fiona Kellaway

I have recently joined the friendly team at ACS having lived in in Abu Dhabi for 3 years while working as a school health nurse at a different school. I hold a post graduate qualification in school nursing and have worked in school health delivery programs for a number of years in the UK covering many different areas of children/young people's health needs. I live with my husband and 2 children whom attend Al Khubairat School. As a family, we like to immerse ourselves in the local culture to experience the wonderful opportunities Abu Dhabi and the region have to offer.

Support Team

Jill Santos- Health Office Assistant