Activities and Clubs

Below is a sample of Clubs and Activities at ACS

High School Activities

We are excited about our activities program in the High School. There are a plethora of opportunities for students, outside of the competitive sports realm. The “ACS” program offers activities that are Action/Sports related, C reativity/Leadership related, and S ervice related. Many clubs accept new members when they appear.


Touch Rugby

Description: Come, join and learn how to play this fun, energetic, and tactical game. It is open to all, both boys and girls, and is usually played competitively as a mixed game. Late September and October.


Arabic Folks Dance Club

Description: Students are welcome to join the club and learn an Arabic Folks Dance which will be practiced and then presented on International Day in School. September through February 18.


Description: Cadence is the literary and artistic magazine of ACS. We publish original stories, poems, essays, music and videos, photography and art, and almost any other creative endeavor you can think of. We welcome contributions by HS students, teachers, administrators and parents who we know are imaginative and talented at heart. We distribute our publications in PDF format and feature its content (and more) on our website: . Year long.

French Café-bistrot

Description: Enjoy the French bistrot culture! Students will practice their oral skills through French songs, movies and discussion of current event topics. Reflections on life are also a must while sipping coffee, tea or your (soft) drink of choice. On the horizon of this club: to experience some authentic French cafés in loco, organizing a trip to France! An intermediate level of French is recommended.

Production Art

Description: Do you enjoy being creative? Would you like to get involved with mural painting, designing stage scenery for upcoming plays and working on art projects throughout the high school? Then Production Art is the place for you!

Hop on the Art Bus

Description: Do you enjoy visiting galleries and seeing upcoming shows around Abu Dhabi and Dubai? Then Hop on the Art Bus is just for you!

As new exciting art shows come to the fore you will be invited by email. Attendance is optional to fit into your schedule. All shows and gallery visits will occur after school and /or on weekends.

Jazz Ensemble

Description: This performance group is made up primarily of students involved in the Wind Ensemble and other music classes. Students from outside these groups are encouraged to check with Mr. Ward. Our basic instrumentation is saxes, trumpets, trombones/baritones, bass guitar, piano, drums and guitar. Music reading is a must! We work on such styles as swing, latin, funk, rock and world music. Year Long.

Model United Nations Club

Description: This club will begin in mid September in an effort to "tap" the MUN potential of leadership, public speaking, global mindedness and cooperation. Prior experience in MUN is not a requirement. The club will participate in two conferences: one at ACS mid-year and then students will travel either to Cairo for CACMUN (October), or Doha for the Qatar THIMUN (January), or to Beijing for BEIMUN (March). The school conference will be mandatory for students wishing to attend the International conferences. Note: Joining the club is done through an application process. This activity will require travel. Year long.

iVipers (Tech Club)

iVipers is a full year club lead by students and advised by the Middle and High School Technology Learning Coaches and the Director of Technology. In this club, members will become an essential part of ACS by learning to provide technical assistance and technology training to community members. Members will also be involved with technology planning for the school, playing an advisory role and being a conduit of ideas from the student community. Technology skills are preferred, but not required. Year Long.

String Ensemble

Description: Do you play a stringed instrument? Would you like the opportunity to play with others? The ACS Strings, is starting up! Roger Norkie, a highly qualified and accomplished violin teacher in Abu Dhabi, will lead the group. Any violin, viola, cello, or double bass with any level of experience is welcome to join. Students must provide their own instrument. There will be a short concert open to friends and family on the last day.

Homework Club

Description: Homework Club provides students with time to work on current (or past) assignments before going home. Students can also work on study skills or with a partner on a project.


Activities Council

Description : Students are invited to join the Activities Council. We work to raise awareness of athletic events, promote spirit, and support our teams through volunteer work. Year Long.

Animal Action Group

Description: A group of students who are concerned about animals and their treatment in Abu Dhabi have formed an action group. Pay attention to the Channel for more about when they are meeting and what they are planning.

Circle of Life - Leukemia Awareness Group

Description: A group of students have successfully organized a walkathon for the past three years. They want to raise funds but more importantly the importance of finding bone marrow donors, especially in the Middle East.

Enterprise Club

Description : Have you ever been interested to know what it is like to run your own business? Do you want to be the CEO? Do you want to taste success?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then come join the newest club at ACS. The enterprise club will have the challenge of designing, manufacturing, advertising and selling a product of your choice. The direction of the club is purely student driven with all roles, positions and tasks assigned by you. Year Long.

Global Issues Network Group

Description: The Global Issues Network has as its mission: “…to help students realize they can make a difference by empowering them to work internationally with their peers to develop solutions for global issues.” The objective is to form satellite networks of schools around the world made up of involved students/global citizens. We host a weekend in February and hope to have some collaborative opportunities with other GIN schools.

Note: Students must apply for each event. Students should have demonstrated a keen interest in global issues and service. Year Long.

Green Team

Description: As a student led endeavor, the ACS Green Team has a very active year! We keep our campus environmentally conscience by promoting our “Award Winning” recycling program, our reusable water bottles, and remind everyone to reduce waste. We organize school wide events for Earth Day. We encourage sustainable habits in the UAE which has the highest carbon footprint in the world. Come join our team and help us make a difference. Year Long.

Habitat For Humanity

Description: Thousands of low-income families have found new hope in the form of affordable housing and many have joined together to tackle a significant social problem: decent housing for all. Today, Habitat For Humanity has built more than 225,000 houses around the world. In student led initiatives, club members work to spread awareness and raise funds for the HFH program at ACS. Students in grade 9-12 may join the club but not go on the trip. The big fundraiser is Picnic in the Park in January 2013. Year Long.

Note : May require travel

Human Rights Club

Description: The Human Rights Club seeks to raise awareness about human rights issues, mainly locally but also globally . This could be about children, migrant workers, women, refugees, or any other relevant human rights concerns. In student-led initiatives, club members could get involved locally, with activities such as bus raids or labour camp visits, or globally through raising funds and awareness. Getting involved with the Human Rights Club will allow the opportunity for participants to learn more about what human rights are on a local and global scale with research, projects, and firsthand experience. Year Long.


Girl Effect: Ajman Overnight Trip

Description: Girls living in poverty are uniquely capable of creating a better future. They need a chance to be educated. This group travel to Ajman to work the Alihsan Charity in Ajman where we have supported girls in school for 5 years. This is an overnight trip. Students participate in the daily food distribution and then spend time with some local families.

Safe House Project

Description : Women who escape jobs where they experience some level of abuse are often forced to live at an embassy safe house for many months while the terms and funds for departure are sorted out. Students will visit with the woman and provide different activities, such as card games, painting, light exercise as a way to make the days more enjoyable for the women.

Medecins Sans Frontiers (MSF) “Doctors Without Borders”

Description : This non-profit international medical and humanitarian aid organization helps to provide aid and emergency medical assistance to over 70 countries worldwide. Our goal is to raise awareness and funds to help support this wonderful organization. Year Long.

Operation Smile

Description : This non-profit international organization works to correct facial deformities, such as cleft palate for people around the world. They have a very active program in the UAE with loads of volunteering opportunities at numerous fundraisers. You have the opportunity to meet students from other schools. Year Long.

Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF)

Description: The PCRF helps to locate free medical care for children from the Middle East who are unable to get the necessary and specialized treatment. Since 1991 over 800 children have been or are currently being treated. The PCRF also helps to improve the quality of medical care in the Middle East by sending medical equipment and supplies to the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Year Long.

Prom Committee

Description: Facilitating the planning and execution of the Prom dinner and dance by a group of dedicated Grade 11 students. Year Long.


Description: Tri -M is an internationally recognized Music Honor Society. The students are selected to be in the group. Their mission is to support the arts at ACS and use music to provide service to the community.

Note: This activity may require some local travel.

National Honor Society

Description: For select students in grades 10 to 12 with a cumulative GPA of 3.5, and have demonstrated outstanding leadership, service, and character. Students may apply in February to join by completing an application and submitting teacher recommendations.

Fitness Club

Description: This co-ed club will give boys and girls the opportunity to enhance their health through weight lifting, cardio, flexibility, plyometric and isometrics.

F1 Club - Get Driver Fit Program

Description: This is a program that aims to actively participate and raise awareness about the physical, mental and emotional fitness of a professional race car driver. There are 6 sessions in a build-up to the F-1 event in Abu Dhabi on the weekend of November 1-3. You can even form teams and compete in the Fan Zone at the Corniche on October 31.

GSKC Karting

The GSKC is a national 'arrive and drive' schools karting championship that exists where pupils can enter the championship in groups where they would represent American Community School of Abu Dhabi at a national level. The overriding principle of the championship is that of accessibility. Students do not need to invest in any equipment to take part in the championship. All equipment (including karts, safety helmets, race suits) are provided to the teams for each event that constitutes the championship. The championship events are hosted by participating commercial karting circuit operators who will be hosting rounds of the championship.

Middle School Activities

Board Games

Back by popular demand! In the Board Games FAS activity we will play a variety of strategy-based games such as chess, checkers, backgammon, Othello and more. You can even bring in your favorite game!
  • Zentagle Art Activity

    Do You Zentangle?Learn to draw with the Zentangle method to create beautiful images from repetitive structured patterns.A completely fun way to relax and unleash your creativity, you will create art that will amaze your family and friends. Zentangling is empowering, stress relieving, portable and EASY once you know how!Using our hands to create something of lasting beauty is a fading art in a world becoming more and more dependent on technology. Be unique- Zentangle!


    KICS - Kids in Community Service - MS GINergy

    Did you enjoy JUMP! activities? Do you enjoy making a difference? Do you like working on projects to help others both at ACS and in the larger community? Are you an Activist? Humanitarian? Environmentalist? This activity will involve you in a variety of causes. Be part of the Global Issues Network -


    How many different ways can we play dodge ball? Bring your running shoes, shorts, t-shirt & a water bottle, and be ready to have some fun!

    Arabic Calligraphy

    Would you like to have some fun writing your names, family names and more?!! If you are interested in learning a new art, then join FAS Arabic Calligraphy.

  • Mathcounts
  • Mathcounts is a US based program designed to excite and challenge MS students through fun and challenging math problems.Sets of problems are given individually and in groups and scores are recorded for ranking.If you are a math whiz (or wish to be one!), then this is a “must do” activity!"’s the only subject that COUNTS"

    Cooking With PartiPerfect

    Students will learn to cook with Lana’s PartiPerfect high-end catering kitchen. They will receive hands-on instruction from PartiPerfect’s professional staff and learn to make a variety of delicious dishes such as pizza, dough, cookies, and more.
  • Please note: There is a 300 AED fee for this class. This is an off-campus activity. The school bus will take the students from ACS at 3:30 to PartiPerfect and return them at approximately 5:30.
  • ACS Strings Ensemble

    Do you play a stringed instrument? Would you like the opportunity to play with others? Now's your chance! The ACS Strings is starting up again! The group is led by Roger Norkie, a violin teacher in Abu Dhabi that has played for the Queen of England! Any violin, viola, cello, or double bass player with any level of experience is welcome to join. Students must provide their own instrument. The group will participate in the Messiah Concert on December 9 as well as have a small concert for friends and family on February 11. Players wanted

  • Robotics
  • Students will examine the basics of robotics using the LEGO Robolab NXT system. Students will complete a challenge to optimize the performance of the robot.

    Jewelry Making

    Do you want to tap into your creativity, add flair to your wardrobe and make some gifts for the upcoming holiday season? If so, then this might be the perfect activity for you. During this session, you will have the opportunity to create a variety of necklaces, earrings and bracelets as you learn the basics of jewelry making. Bring your original ideas – and help inspire your peers as we create art together.

    Writer’s Workshop “Brining Your Writing to Life”

    Do you love to write? Do you have a story, poems or book ideas just busting to be put on paper? Have people told you that your imagination is amazing? Well, then this is the activity for you! Mrs. Kelley wrote her first book when she was 11 and is going to publish her first one at 46!

    Come enjoy the fun of learning to write in a way that other people will want to read.

    Viper Vision

    Viper Vision is the Middle School Newspaper. Participants will write articles, take photos, draw cartoons, review books and movies, and/or work on graphic layout during this yearlong activity. Viper Vision is published about once a quarter.

    Student Council

    Middle School Student Council kicks off next week in Oasis! Students interested in being a part of the 2013-2014 Student Council will receive a parent information letter to take home during an informational meeting with Ms. Foss. After all interested students have given 1-minute speeches in Oasis on the specified day, a representative from each Oasis will be voted into the council. Newly elected members can look forward to participating in a leadership retreat on Saturday Sept. 21st. Ms Foss is looking forward to guiding the council in planning exciting events for students and in demonstrating responsible leadership qualities throughout the year.

    Elementary School Activities

    Story Time with Puppets

    We will read stories such as The Gingerbread Man and Little Red Riding Hood and then make puppets to use to act out the story.


    What is a Zumba fitness class like? It’s a very exciting dance party atmosphere full of Latin and international music. You’ll forget you’re working out with the fun but simple moves to dance music like Cha Cha, Salsa, reggaeton, hip hop, rumba and more. Best of all, you don’t need any previous dance experience!

    Crayon Mosiac Magic

    Create melted crayon mosaics for the school as well as one individual mosaic for take home.


    Students will be making a variety of celebration cards, decorations for celebrations (Christmas, New Year, etc.), a memory book and a calendar. Students need to bring photos of themselves, old birthday or other celebration cards and any creative materials (ribbons, buttons, stickers, etc.) from home.

    Let’s Do Some Minecrafts

    Using the Minecraft concept (use of cubes or square shapes) try to create some of the tools used on the Minecraft game such as pick axe, sword, axe, using paper, tick board, glue and a lot of patience. Fun guaranteed!

    Styles of Singing

    Students will be introduced to a variety of songs from various musical genres including Folk/Classical, Rock, Jazz/Blues, Hip Hop/Rap, Latin and Country & Western music. At the end of the ASRP students will give a short performance at an assembly at school.

    Basketball Fundamentals

    This ASRP is designed to increase the basketball IQ for those students that are truly interested in playing basketball. Skills such as dribbling, shooting, and passing will be taught, as well as more advanced skills such as defensive positioning, and offensive skills such as screening and cutting to the basket.

    Roots and Shoots

    The Roots and Shoots program is about making positive change happen – for our people, for animals and for the environment – to create a better world. Through service projects, Roots & Shoots members are making a difference in their world.

    This quarter Roots & Shoots will be working on a Bus Raid project which will provide up to 100 laborers with a treat bag. Students will be collecting items needed for the bus raid, raising money to buy supplies, publicizing to bring awareness for the project, and finally, assembling and handing out the treat bags. The Bus Raid will be held on the final day of the ASRP, and it will be an evening event.

    Parent volunteers are ALWAYS welcome at Roots & Shoots. This is a very fun and rewarding activity, but it also requires a lot of supervision and support to make it successful.

    Cooking Made Fun

    Learn about the fun of cooking. We will learn about food preparation and presentation while making an assortment of holiday, healthy, and everyday dishes.

    Drawing Sea Animals

    Students will learn to draw sea animals such as fish, octopus, shark, seal, sea turtle and jellyfish. They will also learn some cool facts about these animals.

    Introduction to Piano

    This is a class for students who have never played piano or students who took piano lessons and quit but would like to try again. Students will be introduced to basic keyboarding and music reading techniques. This will be a great opportunity for students to see if they really want to take private piano lessons or just a fun class without the pressure of weekly lessons. At the end of this ASRP students will give a short performance at an assembly at the school.


    Jump Sports Academy

    Develop motor skills, coordination and strength in a fun atmosphere with Jump Sport Academy gymnastic coaches. This is an introductory tumbling class. New and returning students welcome.

    Easy Chinese

    A basic introduction of Chinese language and culture through simple greetings, conversation, numbers, pronunciation, song, poem, writing, taiji and calligraphy.