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Curiosity is foundational to the ACS community. Our students are natural innovators

ACS students develop critical thinking skills and engage in continuous inquiry. The thoughtful integration of state-of-the-art technology throughout our academic program supports and fuels that effort. We support programs that empower students to take on the challenges of building bridges between classroom teaching and out-of-school learning experiences. Click below to see some of the activities that ACS has to offer:

At all grade levels, we support programs that empower students to take on the challenges of building bridges between classroom teaching and out-of-school learning experiences. Students gain technological proficiency rooted in respectful, responsible, and ethical behavior. ACS students use technology in a creative and collaborative environment as we aim to ensure they are well-prepared for our fast-paced, technology-rich, and globally-connected society. 


Technology Services

Our Technology Services team provides learning and technical support, oversight, management, and expertise in order to meet the school’s ever-growing instructional and infrastructure needs. They also support the school’s rigorous academic program, including our intent to ensure all students are ready for life in our fast-paced, technology-rich, and globally-connected society.


Our students are energized by several learning spaces for innovation and technology — the Innovation Lab in the Elementary School Library, the Middle School’s Backstage Techtoo Studios, Ideaspace Studio for film and television production, and FabLab 2.0, home to design technology classes.


Elementary Library Innovation Lab (1-5)

The Innovation Lab in the Elementary School Library opened in 2020 to spark student imagination and help our students in Grades 1- 5 explore new ways of learning and communicating through technology. Our students become creators of content, rather than consumers, exploring robotics, TV production, animation, podcasting, and much more.  The space also includes a TV studio, Podcasting studio, and animation lab.

Backstage Techttoo Studios (6-8)

Middle School students in the Backstage Techtoo Studio are enthusiastically and deeply invested in various projects that give them the opportunity to innovate, create and try new things.  Projects range from filmmaking or animation to digital art and robotics. This immersive space includes a radio station, a TV studio, robotics arena, animation station, and a small stage for performance, The reimagining to this element of the Middle School technology program motivates students to be active creators, giving them voice and choice in their creative work. 

High School

Technology is the defining medium of the day and in order to help ease students into an ever-changing world built on adaptation and skill, technology and innovation are emphasized across the entire curriculum. The goal of our technology program is to actively engage our students with a variety of skills that will better prepare them for a future where the digital world takes a central focus in their lives. Through both instruction and self-directed learning, students have options that will provide them with skills in filmmaking, design technology, and coding.

Film Class Stock

Film & TV Production

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Computer Science


Design FabLab



Technology Requirements

Students in Grades 4 through 12 are responsible for providing their own Mac laptops.


Elementary School

School-owned iPads are available for classroom use in the lower Elementary grades in a 1:3 ratio. Grade 3 has access to school-owned laptops shared across three classrooms on a rotating basis. Elementary teachers use technology tools daily while regularly learning new skills to facilitate learning and engage students in their classrooms. These learning tools include projectors, music, document cameras, video cameras, iPads, MacBook Pros, account-based learning websites, and the Google Suite for Education.


Middle and High School

Students use Macbook Air or Macbook Pro laptops regularly throughout their academic program, with additional development of skills around the topics of digital citizenship, computer management, and competent, creative, positive, and responsible use incorporated into the curriculum. 


Additional details about minimum specification requirements for Middle and High School students and other technology guidance can be found in our Parent Portal.