Athletics & Activities

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Physical education and wellness is embedded into the ACS curriculum across all divisions of the school.

Our community cultivates outstanding teammates.


Our student-athletes not only excel in competition, but care for their health and well-being and serve as true ambassadors for sportsmanship.


The resilience, dedication and collaboration that ACS students practice every day serve them well in our athletic program -- from physical education classes and after school opportunities for Elementary children to a wide selection of team sports available to Middle and High School students. 

Physical education and wellness is embedded into the ACS curriculum across all divisions.  Elementary students have PE every day. Middle School and Grade 9 students have PE and Wellness every other day. Grades 10-12 have access to a multitude of physical well-being options. Physical and health literacy is the ultimate goal to build competent, confident and motivated life long learners.

After-School Opportunities

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Elementary School

Our Elementary after-school program is called Mini Vipers, including sports, arts and other activities.  Additionally, Junior EAC provides inter-school funstyle Jamborees in Basketball and Soccer for Grades 4 and 5.


Middle School

Fun After School (FAS) provides a range of sports and activities for Middle School students.


Athletics & Activities

High School

Students in high school are free to create and join clubs of their choice in a variety of topics.

Swim Program

Our robust ACS athletic facilities include a 25-meter, six-lane, competition-sized swimming pool used by students of all ages. In addition to our competitive swim teams for Grades 4-12, the pool is also used by our youngest learners, both for after-school swim programs and in-school swim instruction during Physical Education classes.

Athletics & Activities


ACS is a founding member of the Junior Emirates Athletic Conference (JEAC), Emirate Athletic Conference (EAC) and the Middle East South Asia Conference (MESAC).