Student Support Services

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Counseling and learning support services are invaluable elements of our program across all grade levels. Our commitment to educating the whole child means we prioritize social-emotional wellness, help students embrace their diversity, and help students develop the tools, strategies and resources  needed to grow as successful, lifelong learners. 



ACS counselors partner with students, educators and parents, as student advocates, to foster an inclusive and collaborative school environment. Whether through developing curriculum for an entire class or providing guidance to an individual student, our tiered system of counselor support ensures that all ACS students feel safe and supported. Counselors help students embrace their unique selves and live healthy, balanced lives.

The High School counseling team also provides higher education planning services. 

Learning Support

ACS offers a tiered system of support to all students. Students are referred by teachers, parents, and upon recommendation through the admissions process.  A plan is developed complete with goals, instructional strategies and accommodations. 

Tier 1: All students receive:

  • High quality instruction
  • High quality classroom management
  • Differentiated Instruction (DI)
  • Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Tier 2: Exceptional services based on specific needs:

  • Targeted Behavior Intervention Plans
  • Accommodation Plans 
  • Student Support Plans
  • Community Services (Speech, OT, ABA Therapies)
  • Language Support
  • Educational Psychological Assessments
  • In class Support
  • Small Group Support
  • Pull Out Support (Short term)
  • Co-Taught classes

Tier 3: Exceptional services based on intensive needs:

  • 1:1 Parent Paid Assistance
  • Professional Intervention (Psychologists, Therapists, Tutors)
  • Hybrid Schedules

English A L

English language learners are fully immersed in language rich environments supported by Tier 1 and Tier 2 interventions both in the classroom and through Student Support Services.

Health & Wellness

Health Office 

The primary goal of the Health Office is to deliver the Department of Health (DOH) School Health Program whilst responding to student health and wellness needs during the school day. This is supported through a caring and professional environment within a public health framework.

Visit our Health and Wellness page 



Social Emotional Wellness

Scheduled K-12 classes and advisories are platforms from which we offer a defined social emotional curriculum.  



Our K-12 psychologist acts as a consultant and collaborator with administration, counseling teams, learning support teams, and the admission teams across each division. She also acts as ACS Child Protection Officer, ensuring the safeguarding of all ACS students. Students are referred on a case by case basis and the psychologist will give expert advice and support to refer students to outside services as well as assist with individual situations and interventions.

Jenna Murray, Psychologist