Elementary School

Elementary Kids Learning

KG1 - Grade 5

A curiosity and joy for learning starts early. Our Elementary School program inspires courage, creativity and self-directed learning in our youngest students. 

ACS students experience explosive growth in Elementary School, rapidly developing into capable readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, athletes, artists and empathetic global citizens. 

Heather Collins


Students, staff and families in our Elementary program continuously experience new pathways of wonder and discovery, taking us on many rich and rewarding learning journeys.

Heather Collins, Elementary School Principal 

Elementary School Curriculum Overview

Through instruction guided by ACS’s four pillars — the arts, athletics, academics and service learning — students develop fundamental skills and passions that fuel their joy in learning. Our students engage in critical subjects of literacy, mathematics, science and social studies — as well as in daily language instruction and rich and varied ‘specials’. In all lessons, they regularly practice becoming effective communicators, creative thinkers and courageous contributors, whether coding in the Library’s Innovation Lab, modeling a math strategy in the classroom or performing a new piece of music. ACS’ standards-based curricular plan guides academic growth and helps learners set goals and identify next steps in learning, recognizing that there are multiple pathways available to reach the same goal.

ACS’ Core Values of courage, compassion, curiosity and integrity are consistently integrated into instruction. This is a practice essential for creating a strong learning community, as is our faculty’s continuous review of instruction in all curricular areas, ensuring that best practices drive our teaching and learning. 

Daily Arabic classes are part of every students’ school day, grouped according to proficiency level. Students also take classes in Art, Dance and Drama, Library and Innovation, Music, Physical Education and Social Emotional Learning. Beginning in Grade 1, swim instruction is included in the PE curriculum. Service opportunities are created to develop attitudes and skills necessary to make a positive impact in their world.

Grade Level Guides

Our Elementary School grade-level guides provide an in-depth look at the curriculum that honors our student-centered instruction and programmatic decision-making.

Student support services

We recognize that all students learn differently and require support in unique ways. Our team of ACS counselors works with students, educators and parents to foster a safe, inclusive, supportive and collaborative school environment central to the success of the ACS mission. Our learning support team serves as caring advocates, providing students with a developmentally-appropriate, comprehensive and accessible program. 

Counselors serve our Elementary School, offering student and family support as well as group classroom instruction in social-emotional learning.

Mini Vipers

Mini Vipers

Mini Vipers is our Elementary School after-school activity program. Beyond the school day, we offer students a broad array of options, including sports, arts and other opportunities.

Elementary School Handbooks

Home Learning

We believe family time is important and children should have some choice in their learning outside of the school day. We invite children to participate in reading and self-directed learning and to explore their curiosities. We do not assign one-size-fits-all homework for Elementary students to complete at home. When it benefits an individual student, the teacher, parent and child may make a plan to address specific learning needs or to reinforce a concept or skill in a way that provides the student with a choice. We will always ensure that our students' learning needs are being met. 

Please contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions about the Home Learning process or your child’s specific learning goals.


There are many ways parents may get involved. We invite you to explore some of the opportunities for parent involvement.