Central to our mission, the arts are a thriving component of the ACS student experience.

Brave and expressive young artists bring color to our ACS community.

Music, drama and art classes provide a range of opportunities for all of our students to develop important skills for the future.

Whether playing an instrument for the first time or diligently preparing for an IB Visual Art show, student artists are guided by our talented and experienced faculty. After-school activities, international exchanges, arts exhibits and performances, both within Abu Dhabi and outside the UAE, extend student’s artistic curiosity and growth beyond the classroom, reinforcing skill development, cross-curricular connections and multicultural understanding.

ACS Elementary students take courses in Music, Dance and Drama, and Visual Arts, as well as participate in a variety of after-school offerings. Middle and High School students choose from a broad array of arts courses and musical training, ranging from painting and drawing to stagecraft and musical theatre.


ACS offers students wonderful opportunities to develop their passions and express themselves through music. The concert band program has presented ACS students with a wealth of opportunities. The band has participated in the AMIS International Honor Band in London, the Abu Dhabi Select Band/Honor Band, the MESAC Fine Arts festival in Dubai and the MS Invitational in Muscat, as well as played in the pit orchestra for the musical Grease


All students in Grades 6-12 are invited to participate in the ACS choral program. Our program includes five choirs spanning Middle and High School, educating and equipping students in the study and execution of the musical performing arts and preparing them for a lifetime of musical experiences and personal enrichment. The program fosters a love of music from diverse cultures, time periods and genres while enabling students to learn and use musical notation, sight reading and listening skills. ACS students travel internationally to choral festivals to sing with students from all over the world and take part in the annual MESAC fine arts festival.


Acting on stage or working behind the scenes are key components of our theater program. Students can take courses in Drama, Acting, Stagecraft or IB Theater to help hone their craft by learning the techniques and skills to perform more confidently and clearly. The wide world of theater is explored through practical applications where students take their theoretical learning and bring it to life. Through independent work as well as group projects, our program offers opportunities for students to find their own creative voice, push their skills and learn to communicate to an audience more clearly through performance.  Students are encouraged to join in after-school programs, including musicals, plays, MESAC and other fun and rewarding events. Students gain confidence, knowledge and skills to put their best foot forward.

Visual Arts

Middle and High School visual arts students delve into a variety of creative work. Our Production Art team works on projects school-wide to assist and provide creative flair for publications. In the fall, artists work behind-the-scenes developing backdrops and stage sets for the High School musical. Gallery visits to current exhibitions across the UAE expand our students’ creative minds. Annual events include a MESAC Senior Fine Arts festival and the IB art show.