Middle School

Founders Memorial MS Students

Grades 6 - 8

Compassionate and ethical students enliven our Middle School. We believe deeply in preparing our students to care for their intellectual, physical, social and emotional well-being.

ACS takes great care to help students reach their full potential as their minds and bodies grow and their social circles expand. Our classes and programs are designed to allow students to work collaboratively, to problem solve and to apply new learning, while participating in a wide range of academic, artistic and athletic endeavors. 




We offer opportunities to help our students grow into whoever they choose to be. Our students learn to be confident and positive risk-takers who seek balance and intrinsically choose to follow our school’s core values.”

Karl Poulin, Middle School Principal 


At ACS, Middle School is a time for students to develop their personal identity, to learn what it means to be a member of the ACS community and how to engage with our wider world. Students should be excited to come to school, to have fun and to experience cycles of wonder, discovery and reflection. The many experiences they have every day, inside and outside the classroom, expand their comfort zones and help them to understand their environment and how they might have an impact upon it. 

The experiences we design for students are meant to challenge them and help them grow. Middle School is never boring and there is so much going on throughout the year. 


We aim to prepare our students to have the mindset to accept the challenges that lay before them after their Middle School years. Students leave knowing that they are capable scientists, musicians, mathematicians, athletes, historians, performers, writers, linguists, artists, advocates and creators. Our programs ensure our students have a strong foundation in wellness, permitting them to be mindful citizens and thoughtful self-advocates. Together, our students learn to engage and interact to become confident authors of their own stories. They are empowered to shape the future. 

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Middle School Student Support Services

We recognize that all students learn differently and require support in unique ways. Our team of ACS counselors works with students, educators and parents to foster a safe, inclusive, supportive and collaborative school environment central to the success of the ACS mission. Our learning support team serves as caring advocates, providing students with a developmentally-appropriate, comprehensive and accessible program. 

High School

Middle School Athletics

The Middle School athletic program supports young athletes, building skills and sportsmanship as they experience competitive sports, many for the first time. Practices are held before and after school twice a week, and games take place after school and on weekends.

Fall sports include volleyball, swimming and soccer (Grade 6). Winter offerings include Cross Country, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis (Grade 8) and Track (Grade 6). Spring sports include Badminton (Grade 8), Softball (Grade 8), Track and Field, Baseball (Grade 8), and Basketball (Grade 6).


In the Arts, students are able to attend regional arts festivals in addition to the arts instruction offered during the school day. Every year, our Middle School students audition and are selected to attend a weekend arts festival hosted by one of our regional partner schools. The Middle School also puts on a dramatic production each spring.


Service Learning

Service Learning is an integral part of our commitment to nurture global citizens. Middle School students focus on a distinct service project at each grade level. Grade 8 students, for example, engage in an immersive week focused on Thai culture, participating in a variety of service projects.

Fun After School (FAS)

Fun After School activities are offered throughout the year. Teachers, parents and High School students sponsor and lead activities ranging from cooking to Model United Nations. 

The Middle School Student Council plans events and activities for the student body, with all students invited to participate; there are no elections. The Student Council runs the weekly assembly and advocates for student issues. 


Middle School Resources


The American Community School of Abu Dhabi is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. All employees must work in partnership with the school and take a shared responsibility to ensure a safe environment where all our children can learn and grow. Our Child Protection Handbook guides our practices for the safety and security of students.