Secondary School Library

About the ACS MS & HS Library

Library Hours: Sunday to Thursday 7:00am - 5:00pm (Ramadan hours 7:30am - 3:00pm)

The ACS library offers a variety of resources for research and recreational reading to support the school’s curriculum and students’ personal interests. We are extremely proud of the approximately 10,000 titles in our collection which is curated by Mary Lawson, Teacher Librarian.

The Library provides a variety of technology equipment for check out such as digital SLR cameras, tablets, iPADs, laptops for daily loan, calculators, and TV production class equipment.

Our extensive digital library is one of the most robust in Abu Dhabi providing access to numerous databases up to university level such as JSTOR, Questia School, EBSCO Explora.  We encourage all students to actively read reliable news publications and provide free access to The New York Times Online. All students have access to digital resources. The MS and HS Library Resources websites are linked off the Veracross portal homepage, under 'Student Links.' Remote access to our digital resources is available 24/7 for our students. 

The ACS Library space facilitates both quiet study and reading for students and meeting areas for collaborative project work.

Meet our Librarians

Our passionate library staff are here to welcome and guide all students whenever they need help or have questions.

Our team guides community members to check in and out materials, use our technology, facilitate research, and support finding that perfect book each time.