Viper Club



The ACS Viper Club is a volunteer-driven booster organization whose success is made possible by the sustained and active participation of parent volunteers from the entire ACS community. The Viper Club directly supports the programs of the ACS Athletics and Activities Office, which include High School and Middle School athletics, fine arts, academic games, forensics, and Elementary athletic teams. The Viper Club mission is to inspire school spirit and enhance all ACS athletic, academic, and fine arts activities.

The Viper Club raises funds to support your child’s programs in two ways:

  • The Viper Pit is the on-campus spirit store, supplying everything the community needs to show Viper Pride. Viper Pit sells both a limited selection of ACS school uniforms and is the only place to buy our PE uniforms and other exciting ACS merchandise. Viper Pit is operated exclusively by parent volunteers.


  • Viper Bites is the snack concession store located in the gymnasium. Viper Bites offers lots of smiles and sells refreshments at after-school athletic events. Viper Bites is operated exclusively by parent volunteers.

Each year our generous and multi-talented community of parents donates thousands of volunteer hours to help Viper Club support ACS. Please join us! No experience is necessary. It is a great way to have fun, support ACS students and make new friends.

Join the Viper Club team!

To volunteer, visit the Viper Club Sign-up or contact the Viper Club at




Amber Watters, President

Roulana Jarrar, Vice President

Mia McColgan & Vacancy, Treasurer

Karen Snyman, Secretary

Ayesha Ahmed & Rafia Khan, Viper Bites Managers

Radwa Hassan, Viper Pit Manager

Penny Lopez, Communications Coordinator

Roulana Jarrar, Fine Arts Coordinator

Srishti Mahajan, Volunteer Coordinator

All Viper Club funds go towards programs and activities at ACS

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