Technology is the fastest growing field in the job market. It is expected that more than 15% of the jobs will be tech related. The US is faced with a growing number of jobs that require a STEM education background, and so far there is a lag between demand and supply. There are a limited number of candidates to fill these positions.

In keeping with our vision of preparing our students for the work force of the future, ACS offers engineering specific courses like Robotics Engineering and Architecture and Design.
Additionally, we also encourage and support our students to apply the lessons they have learned in school. Our students participate in National and International competitions like the World Robotics Olympiad, WRO. By creating an environment of hands-on learning, students are more inclined to explore educational options in a STEM field like computer sciences, mathematics, and especially robotics. Robotics is an important part of STEM because it integrates all of these fields together.

World Robotics Olympiad


In 2014, our students won Gold and Silver medals at the Abu Dhabi region competition. Our High School team went on to win the Gold medal at the National level, earning the right to proudly represent UAE at the International level.

In 2015, we had an even stronger presence and won 1st place at the World Robotics Organisation (WRO). Our students, boys and girls, participated in both High School and Middle School in the WRO.

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The National
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Abu Dhabi Week
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The National


Pinewood Derby and Powderpuff Derby

Thanks to generous donations by Exxon, the Abu Dhabi Overseas Council Girl and Boy Scouts participated in the derbys.

The Boy Scouts purchased a state of art racetrack with their donation that they generously shared with the Girls Scouts to use for their Powder Puff derby.

Girl Scouts received car kits, banners explaining the engineering concepts behind the race car design, as well as several “STEM Meeting in a Box” for 2nd to 5th grades.