Elementary School Science Fair

Every year our budding scientists create science experiments that explore the world around them. Students in Grades KG1-5 develop a hypothesis, conduct an experiment, and formulate their conclusions as they learn about the scientific method. Volcanos erupt and rockets are launched as our scientists then conduct their experiments live to parents and curious students.




Middle School Science Celebration

Students in Middle School work to prepare an engaging and interactive science activity for their younger piers and use their sharp presentation skills to demonstrate their experiment in action.

IMG_9851.jpgAbu Dhabi Science Festival

ACS second graders got to be scientists at the Abu Dhabi Science Festival. Students were wowed with the fire show and the properties of fire. There were a few brave volunteers who went on stage and to ignite a flame with some powder. The students also got to be archeologists digging in the Abu Dhabi deserts looking for ancient artifacts. Afterward, they sketched, described and measured their findings. Next, it was onto becoming little engineers as they built buildings, towers, and skyscrapers and learned about the components of structure and design of buildings. Finally, students were shocked at how fun electricity can be. They learned about circuits, conductors and how electrical waves travel as they created battery operated propellers, light switches and even their own version of an electrical piano. ACS students had so much enthusiasm and curiosity for learning new things and impressed some of the volunteers with their content knowledge and participation during workshops. What a great group of Grade 2 scientists!