In the Global village, technology has a key role to play. It brings people from all walks of life closer together and allows communications to be more open as well as beneficial to all parties. ACS offers courses like Introduction to Computer Science, Mobile App and Game Development so our students are exposed to various forms of technology.
In keeping with our philosophy of hands on applications, our high school students competed in the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) at Dubai’s Engineering Challenge and the entire school participated in the Hour of Code.

RIT Dubai Engineering Challenge: RIT Dubai has held this exciting challenge for the past six years. As stated in a DSOA online news article, in 2012, Dr. Luther Troell, Vice-President of R.I.T Dubai, said: "R.I.T Dubai is privileged to share strong relationships with high schools across the region. The U.A.E fosters the shaping of bright young minds and we contribute to this vision in a challenging yet fun way that encourages the cultivation of an innovative thought process and education. The high school challenge comes as part of our efforts towards this objective.”

High School Students from ACS participated for the first time in 2014. They failed, and failed spectacularly. However, they did not let their failure bog them down. They saw it as an opportunity to learn and build up on the experience. The design and engineering challenges vary every year and in 2015 the students had to use a Raspberry Pi to encode and decode a Morse code and to give a fast response action.

They faced off against 18 other HS engineering teams from around the UAE and won the gold in a record time by completing the challenge in just 20 minutes. R.I.T Dubai generously offered an AED 50,000 scholarship to the winners of the challenge.

RIT kids w check.JPG

RIT kids on stage.JPG

Hour of Code

ACS joined the 15 million students world wide during the week of December 8-14 to celebrate the Computer Science education week. The Hour of Code is a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify code and show that anybody can learn the basics.

ACS was one of a handful of schools in Abu Dhabi that participated in the program. Our entire community, including parents, enthusiastically embraced this annual event. It was especially heartening to see our girls also grasp the coding language.