The American Community School of Abu Dhabi recognizes that learning empowers students to grow to their full potential.

We offer every student, from KG1 through grade 12, a rigorous academic program. Our Profile of Graduates demonstrates that the academic goals at ACS are achieved. Our Mission Statement asks that our students, indeed our entire ACS community, go further than academic achievement: we expect our graduates to be thinkers, responsible, well-rounded and leaders in all aspects of their lives.

Athletics, Arts, Service Learning and Academics all play an important role in the daily lives of ACS students. We hope the pages in this section are helpful to you; to understand our programs and our lifestyle here at ACS Abu Dhabi.

Every school is different, as it should be, to reflect the community it serves. The students at ACS have an enthusiasm for learning that's infectious. As you view these pages we hope that enthusiasm is clear. We're proud of ACS and feel it is a true reflection of our Abu Dhabi community.



Global Online Academy (GOA) offers Middle and High School students the chance to explore topics they care about in a highly collaborative, global learning community, building the skills they'll need for university, career, and life.

The diversity of topics such as Global Health, Introduction to Legal Thinking, Cyber Security, Business Problem Solving and Race and Society allows ACS to significantly expand our Program of Studies and enables students to pursue passion-based coursework for credit. 

GOA classes foster flexible, independent learning for our students that expands the walls of a traditional school and enables students to learn anywhere. Classes are mostly asynchronous: teachers design the coursework and calendar, and students work on their own schedules, gaining important independent learning skills along the way. 

ACS is proud to be a member school of the Global Online Academy.