Dear ACS Student-Athletes and Parents, welcome (or welcome back) to the ACS Athletic Department.

ACS has a long and outstanding history of athletics, participating for many years in EMAC (Eastern Mediterranean Activities Conference) and ADSAC (Abu Dhabi Schools Athletics Conference), and now as founding members of EAC (Emirates Athletic Conference) and MESAC (Middle East South Asia Conference). We are well respected for our excellence in our quality of student-athletes, both on the playing field and off. We pride ourselves on our reputation for not only challenging our student-athletes to be the best, but by developing their social responsibilities and nurturing true ambassadors of sportsmanship. These are key elements of our program.

As we prepare for a new school year and another exciting year of athletic competition it is vital that parents and students are fully aware of the participation requirements. The ACS Parent Handbook which can be found in the download section is designed to provide all the information needed to guide you through the sporting year. It includes general rules and guidelines for sports activities. More specific details may also be sent home at the beginning of the individual seasons. Though not all information will be relevant to all participants (for example, your child may not be hosting/traveling this year but hosting information is included in this booklet) please read through the booklet and keep it somewhere handy for future reference. Your understanding and cooperation/commitment to the program will help ensure the athletic program runs smoothly.

I look forward to working with you and to sustaining and improving upon the outstanding results from last year. A strong partnership between parents, coaches and the athletic department is crucial and together we can ensure that the Sand Viper teams will continue to be competitive and consolidate their position as a leading member of MESAC and EAC.

Yours sincerely,

Kenneth A. Macaulay
Athletic/Activity Director

Middle East South Asia Conference (MESAC)

Member Schools

American Community School of Abu Dhabi

American School of Doha

American British Academy School of Oman

American Embassy School of New Delhi

American School Dubai

Dubai American Academy

Emirates Athletics Conference (EAC)

Member Schools

American Community School of Abu Dhabi

Gems World Academy, Dubai

Dubai American Academy

American School Dubai

American International School of Abu Dhabi

Universal American School Dubai

American School of Doha

American Academy Al Mizhar Dubai

Dubai International Academy

Gems American Academy Abu Dhabi

Viper Club


The ACS Viper Club, the Booster organization of the ACS PTA, supports the programs of the ACS Athletics and Activities Office which include athletics, fine arts, academic games and mini-viper programs. We seek to inspire school spirit, enhance athletic, academic and fine arts activities and encourage the athletes and artists of ACS. Booster Club financial support is raised through food and beverage sales at Viper Concessions and through spirit merchandise sales at the Viper Spirit Store. All funds are used to directly benefit the ACS community. To learn more about the ACS Viper Club, click here.


Season 1

Academic Games

  • JV Academic Games
  • Varsity Academic Games
Athletics JV/Varsity Swimming
  • Swimming
  • MS Swimming Team
  • MESAC Swim Team
  • Swimming Development Team
  • JV Boys Volleyball
  • JV Girls Volleyball
  • Varsity Boys Volleyball
  • Varsity Girls Volleyball
  • MS Boys Volleyball
  • MESAC JV Volleyball
  • MESAC JV Volleyball
  • MESAC Varsity Volleyball
  • MESAC Varsity Volleyball

Season 2

  • JV Boys Basketball
  • JV Girls Basketball
  • Varsity Boys Basketball
  • Varsity Girls Basketball
  • MS Boys Basketball
  • MS Girls Basketball
  • MS Girls Basketball Alt.
  • MESAC Junior Varsity Girls Basketball
  • MESAC JV Boys Basketball
  • MESAC Varsity Basketball- Boys
  • MESAC Varsity Basketball- Girls
Cross Country
  • MS Cross Country
  • JV / Varsity Cross Country
Senior Fine Arts
  • MESAC Fine Arts - Art
  • MESAC Fine Arts - Band
  • MESAC Fine Arts - Choir
  • MESAC Fine Arts - Drama
  • JV Boys Soccer
  • JV Girls Soccer
  • Varsity Boys Soccer
  • Varsity Girls Soccer
  • MS Boys Soccer
  • MS Boys Soccer Dev
  • MS Girls Soccer
  • MS Girls Soccer Alt. A
  • MS Girls Soccer Alt. B
  • MS Girls Soccer Dev
  • MESAC Junior Varsity Boys Soccer
  • JV/Varsity Tennis

Season 3

  • MESAC Badminton
  • JV/Varsity Badminton
Boys Baseball
  • JV Boys Baseball
  • Varsity Boys Baseball
Forensics Girls Softball
  • JV Girls Softball
  • Varsity Girls Softball
Track and Field
  • MESAC JV/Varsity Track
  • MS Track & Field
  • JV/Varsity Track & Field