Elementary School

Welcome to ACS!

My name is Heather Collins and I join the ACS community as the Elementary School Principal. As a member of this ACS community we all have many opportunities to learn and grow in new and exciting directions. The experiences our students, staff and families have, both inside and outside of the school, continuously open new pathways of wonder and discovery, taking us on many rich and rewarding learning journeys. 

As your child transitions through the Elementary School, their individual learning journey will include experiences from the Four ACS Pillars: Academics, Athletics, Arts, and Service.

Through the Academics pillar, learning pathways are opened for the next generation of scientists, engineers, writers, readers and mathematicians to discover and explore. Our standards-based curricular plan guides this academic growth and helps learners set goals and identify next steps in learning. Although these standards provide clear grade level goals, we recognize that there are multiple pathways to reach the same goal, therefore, we encourage our students to explore and discover their own individual pathways to success. 

At ACS, we also recognize that we all learn differently and require support in different ways. The high level of support from experts and professionals in our community assists us in continually meeting these unique needs. Learning is a journey therefore we are continuously engaged in a systematic, vision-driven, review of instruction in all curricular areas ensuring that we are using best practices of teaching and learning. In Elementary School, we are consistently creating opportunities for our community to grow academically and we value your active engagement.

Through the pillar of Athletics, all students learn how to be well and feel well. Our PE curriculum, driven by the SHAPE standards for Physical Education, helps students develop the skills and attitudes they need to live an active and healthy life. Student movement is also encouraged through active play at recess time, and celebrated on occasions such as our Elementary Field Day. These opportunities for movement and play extend beyond the school day into swimming, recreational programs (ASRP) and organized athletic teams. With a healthy mind and body the possibilities for learning are endless!

Through the exploration of creative pathways in the Arts pillar, students become effective communicators, creative thinkers and courageous contributors. The multiple opportunities for artistic and creative expression are guided by the National Core Arts Standards. In Music, Visual Arts, Drama and Dance, and Library and Innovation, students develop the skills and passion to share their ideas and opinions in unique and transformative ways. 

The Service pillar challenges students, as global citizens, to take action and actively contribute to their world. Inspired by their natural curiosity, Elementary students will partner with community mentors to inquire into local and global problems - developing attitudes and skills necessary to make a positive impact in their world. 

As students navigate their journey through these pillars of Academics, Arts, Athletics and Service, the Core Values of Courage, Curiosity, Integrity and Compassion guide attitudes and decisions.  Elementary families will notice that these values appear in much of what we do and are essential for creating a strong learning community. Parents who want to see photos and videos of our Four Pillars and our Four Core Values in action should follow us on Instagram (@acsabudhabi), Facebook (ACSAbuDhabi), or Twitter (@ACSAbuDhabi).

We welcome your participation in our learning journey and we encourage all of you to take advantage of the many learning opportunities for ACS families. Whether you attend a parent coffee, get involved in our series of parent education discussions, or simply learn more about the people, beliefs, and programs that are ACS, your collaboration and active engagement will enrich the learning for all.  Welcome to ACS!

Heather Collins
Elementary School Principal
American Community School of Abu Dhabi