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“Bringing our Four Pillars
and our Four Core Values to Life”


Welcome to ACS!

My name is Jonathan Johnson, and 2019-20 is my seventh year as the Elementary Principal at ACS. We have very talented students at ACS, and we nurture excellence from that talent by providing rich experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. We are the creators of opportunities -- Our students are the ones who make full use of those opportunities to shine.

In the Elementary division of ACS, students shine in all Four ACS Pillars of Academics, Athletics, Arts, and Service.

We create opportunities for students to grow academically. In the Elementary division, we have undertaken a multi-year, vision-driven review of instruction in key areas of student learning, such as writing, phonemic awareness, reading, science, social studies, the arts, and Arabic. This process is driven by a desire to foster a level of thinking and a level of production in our students that is reflective of their true abilities, while recognizing the need for students to always see themselves as writers, as readers, as scientists, engineers, and mathematicians.

We create opportunities for students in the area of athletics. In addition to our PE curriculum, driven by the SHAPE standards for Physical Education, we also provide swimming lessons during and after the school day, three sports seasons for students from Grade 1-5 throughout the year, and competitive soccer and basketball teams for students in Grades 4 and 5. Student movement is encouraged through active play at recess time, and celebrated on occasions such as our Elementary Field Day.

We create artistic opportunities for students. Guided by the National Core Arts Standards, students take classes in Music, Visual Arts, and Drama and Dance. At many times throughout the year they will find themselves on stage, presenting in an assembly, singing in a concert, or participating in a talent show. Their visual work surrounds us in the hallways of the Elementary building, and their dramatic exploration bridges into their development as readers and writers.

We create opportunities for our students to develop through service learning, and to become global citizens who actively contribute to their world. This year we will continue a division-wide (and school-wide) focus on encouraging informed action as a natural outcome of deep inquiry about the world around us. A powerful and productive link is also created between High School service initiatives and Elementary involvement, the older students acting as mentors for our aspiring world-changers.

All of these opportunities are framed by our four ACS Core Values: Courage, Curiosity, Integrity, and Compassion. Elementary parents will notice that these values appear in much of what we do in the school, and help us to make decisions about the future. Parents who want to see lots of photos and videos of our Four Pillars and our Four Core Values in action should follow us on Instagram (acsadelementary), Facebook (ACSAbuDhabiES), or Twitter (@ACSAbuDhabiES).

Whether you wish to volunteer to become directly involved in one of the many opportunities for ACS parents, attend a parent coffee, get involved in our series of parent education discussions, or simply learn more about the people, beliefs, and programs that make ACS successful, it’s a pleasure to welcome you to the Elementary School of ACS.

Jonathan Johnson
Elementary Principal
American Community School of Abu Dhabi



Principal Jonathan Johnson






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