Student Support

Learning Support Services

In addition to the ACS Core Values, the Student Support Services program adheres to the following philosophy.

  • We recognize that each child can learn, but may learn in different ways and at different rates.
  • We believe in early intervention as the most productive approach to providing effective and efficient support services.
  • We aim to give students additional, specific strategies to succeed with a demanding academic curriculum.
  • We believe that the implementation of intervention strategies is a collaborative approach between the Student Support Team (SST) and parents.
  • We provide student support through a continuum of services based on “best practices" that:
    • is developmentally appropriate for student age and grade level
    • provides program options for intervention and service delivery
    • supports and maintains the integrity of the curriculum and regular classroom instructional program
    • includes regular classroom teachers and parents in the decision-making process
    • facilitates communication and collaboration
    • provides relevant staff development and adequate instructional resources
    • documents decision-making
    • remains flexible

Middle and High School Accommodations Policy

Students who are diagnosed with mild learning challenges can be offered various types of accommodations at ACS. As part of the SST process, students’ needs are assessed and an accommodations plan for assignments, testing, and lesson presentation may be developed. Specific testing accommodations may include breaks, provision of a separate testing room, use of a laptop, enlarged print, and up to 50% extended time on tests and quizzes.

In order to qualify for testing accommodations, all learning differences need to be documented, current (updated every 3 years), and certified by a licensed psychologist or learning specialist. If students wish to seek approval for accommodations on SAT or IB exams, parents must submit abovementioned documentation to the College or IB Board for review.

For more information or assistance regarding official testing accommodations or psychometric evaluations, please contact the counselor, college counselors or IB coordinator.

Counseling Services

Mission Statement

As student advocates, ACS counselors work in partnership with students, educators, parents and the community, to foster an inclusive and collaborative school environment central to the success of the ACS mission. ACS counselors provide an accessible program that is comprehensive, developmentally appropriate and addresses the academic, career, and social/emotional development of all students.

ACS counselors believe:

  • Every student has the right to have a caring adult advocate
  • Every student should feel safe, supported, and accepted
  • Every student is unique, capable, and developing as an individual
  • Every student, with support, possesses the ability to advocate for themselves and generate solutions to problems
  • Students learn through a variety of learning styles, depth and comprehension
  • Students should maintain balance with their academic and non-academic lives
  • Counselors should work within professional counseling code of ethics and adhere to standards of confidentiality
  • Our counseling program requires continual review and revision in order to meet the needs of the school