Middle School Support Services

Study Skills Program

The Academic Support Program provides instruction to students who require support to be successful in their grade level classrooms. Students enter the program for various reasons. Most students are referred by their teachers; however, some may be placed in the program due to psychometric testing results or a history of support in a previous school setting. Students may be scheduled to attend daily, or every second day, depending on their individual needs. Students enter and exit the Academic Support Program through approval by an SST team, which consists of the principal, counselor, parents, teachers and the academic support teacher. The Academic Support teacher communicates regularly with parents through quarterly report cards, SST meetings, emails, and at the end of each semester. The Academic Support Program consists of two components:

Curricular Support

Rather than remedial in nature, academic support program is designed to provide the student with direct support in curricular areas, as well as to teach compensatory strategies for independent learning. a focus is placed on vocabulary development, mastering reading comprehension strategies, and applying them to the content areas.

Study Skills

Independence and responsibility are essential to academic success. Students are taught organizational skills, study skills, note taking, test taking skills, memory techniques, and gain an understanding of individual learning styles. An emphasis is placed on learning these skills within the context of their daily assignments. Students are encouraged to take personal responsibility for maximizing their learning potential and educational opportunities.

Middle School Counseling

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