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Safety is a top priority for ACS. To remain informed of global and regional events, we rely on key partnerships and trusted agencies like the World Health Organization (WHO) to help keep us updated.

Please click below for the World Health Organization's Information Network for Epidemics.


Although UAE cases are relatively low, we must be diligent and follow the recommended measures to reduce transmission risk and recognize potential symptoms. For the most up-to-date information related to world cases and UAE confirmed cases, please view this interactive map.

The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOH) Awareness Center for guidance and public health line numbers to contact. 

For any medical support or inquiry, please contact:
• "Estijaba" service at the operation center – Department of Health (DOH) at 8001717
• Ministry of Health & Prevention (MOH) at 80011111


Check for Symptoms
If you have mild symptoms (see list below) you should quarantine yourself separate from your household for 14 days. If there are no improvement in symptoms after 7 days then contact DOH at 8001717 who will advise if you need to be tested.


  • Fever: Generally over 37.8°C (100°F) and sensation of feeling hot on chest and back.
  • Cough: persistent dry cough of 3 uncontrolled episodes in an hour
  • Taste & Smell: There are reports for those with mild symptoms that taste and smell were affected.

People with Underlying Health Conditions can be more susceptible to complications of the virus. These include, but are not limited to, respiratory conditions, chronic heart conditions, chronic, liver diseases, chronic neurological conditions, weakened immune systems, and obesity.

Social Distancing
Everyone should be following social distancing to reduce contact, including working from home, maintaining 2 meters / 3 steps away from the next person, limiting trips to grocery and pharmacy, and only visit a medical center for a chronic health issue.

Why is social distancing important? It won’t stop the spread but it will reduce the spread which ‘shields’ those who are vulnerable and doesn’t overburden the healthcare facilities for those that may need their intervention. 

Hand Washing is one of the most effective methods to reduce transmission but it has to be 20 seconds at least of thorough washing. If there is no access to hand washing, then 20 seconds of using hand sanitizer with minimum 60% alcohol content. Watch this 3-minute clip on effective handwashing, the science behind why soap and water works if you do it right. 


FREE Mental Health Consultations for UAE Residents
The Ministry of Community Development, MoCD, has launched four interactive channels under a new initiative named 'Taaluf' to provide family counseling for free to all UAE community members.

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Department of Health-Abu Dhabi, SEHA Launch Drive-Through Screening for Covid-19
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Questions / TIps

World Health Organization (WHO)
For up-to-date WHO advice and factual information about the coronavirus on a global scale:

World Health Organization

UAE Government
For regional information specific to those that reside in the UAE

UAE Government

Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre

Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre FAQs

The most notable of these trusted agencies include: 
United States’ State Department 
Overseas Security Advisory Committee (or OSAC) 
Centers for Disease Control (CDC) 
World Health Organization (WHO)


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