Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness Center

For any inquiries please email or call +971 2 508 4412.

The goal of the Center is to support the ACS community by providing first-level health support for our students, running the immunization and grade 1-12 health screening programs, plus proactively sharing useful and necessary information.

Opening hours are from 7:30-16:30 Sunday to Thursday,  staffed by two Department of Health (DOH) licensed School Nurses, Fiona Kellaway and Alison Else, who have extensive school and public health experience.

The administrative assistants are Trine Ljungstrom and Jannah Onvlee, who provide first aid to the school community.

We support the health and wellbeing needs of the school population through the school day by provision of the DOH Public Health:School Health Program. We also support ACS to be compliant with Ministry requirements (DOH/ADEK) that relate to submission of health data and the Standards of Practice required for a licensed School Health Clinic.

Working in partnership with parents, our education colleagues, and other health professionals in the wider community, our aim is to support children & young adults with their health needs in order to participate in the educational curriculum. We support the public health framework of positive health and wellbeing through health promotion campaigns.

Please read our handbook which includes information on:

  • What we do if your child becomes unwell during the school day
  • Grade 1-12 school health screening
  • How we help students with chronic healthcare needs such as diabetes, asthma/respiratory issues, allergies and other concerns
  • Grade 1 and Grade 11 UAE Schools for Health Immunization Schedule
  • Medication use at school
  • When to keep students home (gastric concerns and diarrhea, fever, pink eye etc.) and the monitoring of communicable diseases
  • Head lice management
  • Useful links to health resources