Health & Wellness Office


For any inquiries please email or call +971 2 508 4412 or drop in the Health Office as the door is always open. Clinic opening hours are from 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Sunday to Thursday.

The primary goal of the Health Office is to deliver the Department of Health (DOH) School Health Program whilst responding to student health and wellness needs during the school day. This is supported through a caring and professional environment within a public health framework.

The Health Team consists of two Department of Health (DOH) licensed School Nurses: Fiona and Alison who have extensive school and public health experience. They are supported by two administrative assistants: Trine and Jannah who job share.

ACS is an allergy-aware campus and seeks to create an environment in which children with severe allergies can learn to make appropriate choices to keep themselves safe. Due to the high number of students with nut allergies, please do not bring nuts into Elementary School.

Students who have chronic health issues (Asthma, High risk Allergies, Diabetes, Epilepsy etc) are required to have a HealthCare Plan completed yearly by parents with supporting health reports and as appropriate, emergency medication with a copy of the prescription.

Please read our handbook for more extensive information about our services:

  • DOH School based Immunization Program G1, G8, G11 (Requires parent consent via distributed forms)
  • DOH School Health Screening G1-12 (Parent consent either agree or disagree at enrollment)
  • Medication use on campus: Students are not permitted to carry or administer any medication without consulting with Health Staff. Parent consent is required by completing a medication consent form for short-term courses of medication different to the over-the-counter electronic consents
  • Head lice management
  • When students become unwell or injured during the school day, communicating with parents and monitoring of communicable disease


Head Lice Awareness
We advise all parents to check their child's hair once a week to make sure they are free of lice. This also relates to middle school and high school students, although they can check their own hair. Please see more information here.