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The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is the heart of our ACS Community.

As an ACS family, you are automatically part of the PTA – all that’s left is to get active! Actively engaging with our various events and enrichment efforts is a fantastic way to support your children, enhance academic and social experiences, and build lasting relationships with fellow parents, teachers and staff.  

Whether you have an hour to give, want to coordinate a project, or join a committee, we enthusiastically invite you to volunteer.  We look forward to getting to know you and working together to support and celebrate our community.


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2022-2023 PTA OFFICERS

Andi Whitaker

Andi Whitaker

PTA President

Our family joined the ACS community in 2021, with children at the High School and Middle School levels. This is our first time living abroad, and we absolutely love life in Abu Dhabi. I’m especially happy that we chose ACS for our kids. They have loved the school since day one. We are consistently impressed with the kindness, effort and flexibility of the ACS staff and community, especially through the complications of the pandemic.

My professional background is in marketing, communications and management. Most recently, I served as Executive Director of a nonprofit foundation that supports educational enrichment. I’ve also volunteered extensively, serving on the boards of various PTAs and the Northeast Ohio Sierra Club. I look forward to serving ACS staff, students and families and hope that my experience will be a valuable asset.

Uli Petrioni

Uli Petroianu

PTA Vice President

My daughter, Zoe will be a senior in 22/23, and my son, Ion is starting Grade 9. This will be their fourth year attending ACS. My husband, Georg, and I left Germany in 2000 and moved to Al Ain, UAE, where we lived for eight years. Both our children were born in Dubai. In 2008 we moved to Florida and in 2019 we came back to the UAE, this time to Abu Dhabi. While living in Florida I got heavily involved in all kinds of volunteer work at my children’s elementary school. I served on the PTA board for nine years and loved to spend my free time helping students and supporting the school. I volunteered for 10 years in the library. I also produced the morning announcements with a group of students daily and in our collaboration with NBC introduced them to TV news production. I also worked as a mentor in the counseling team. I served as room parent coordinator and was involved in yearbook production and school fundraising among other things. Before the pandemic hit us in Abu Dhabi I had a chance to help at Viper Bites, which I enjoyed a lot. It gave me a good feeling about the ACS community and all the positive energy. In 2021-2022, I served as PTA Secretary.

My favorite thing about ACS is the kindness and all the friendly faces along with the community spirit.


Amy Trescott

PTA Secretary

I have 3 sons attending ACS, twins in 9th grade and an 8th grader.  This is our second year at the school and in Abu Dhabi, and we absolutely love it.  What I love about ACS is how we were immediately made to feel welcome and accepted into the community. Although I am a nurse by trade, I am excited to serve as this year's PTA secretary. I enjoy working with other parents for the betterment of our children's school. I look forward to a very successful year with the PTA. 

Ginger Romero Pardlo

Ginger Romero Pardlo

PTA Treasurer
We joined ACS summer 2021. What I really like about ACS is that it brings us together from different parts of the United States and countries. I am also grateful for their support through the haze of COVID-management and the transition to a new place.  The 2022-23 year is a big one as our daughter, Sara, will graduate from ACS.  

Professionally, I am a financial advisor. My background is in financial planning and management consulting, and my education is in the social sciences and public policy.  I am serving as PTA Treasurer because "following the money" is something I enjoy, especially when it is for a cause and community I care about. In my role, I imagine Marty Markowitz (all-time cheerleader for Brooklyn) meets the “Numbers & Pencil Gal.”   

I am thrilled to be living in the United Arab Emirates. We (myself, spouse, two daughters) moved from New York City. Although my childhood summers were spent in El Salvador, it is our first time living abroad as a family. I feel like a kid amazed by the science, architecture, public policy, history, language, religion and culture all around me. And, I cannot wait to discover more of the countries close by.  

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The ACS Community Cookbook

The ACS Community Cookbook is a remarkable reflection of our diverse and caring community. This coffee table-worthy cookbook includes more than 100 recipes and stories from dozens of countries, as well as gorgeous photographs of our families, ACS events and our adopted hometown of Abu Dhabi.

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