ACS High School Students Take the Lead in Crafting "Clue: High School Edition" Production




In a dazzling showcase of talent, High School students at the American Community School of Abu Dhabi have taken the helm in crafting a remarkable production of "Clue: High School Edition." This exciting adaptation of the classic board game turned movie not only delighted audiences but also underlined the students' pivotal role in bringing this theatrical masterpiece to life.

From the very inception of the project to its conclusion, ACS students demonstrated their exceptional capabilities. The High School technical theatre class, in particular, emerged as a driving force behind the scenes, meticulously designing and creating costumes, sets, props and lighting that transported the audience into the heart of the mysterious world of Clue.

Clue Cast A

While the technical aspects were handled adeptly by the High School technical theatre class, the artistic elements were gracefully executed by High School Art students and the Design Tech Club. Their contribution was integral to crafting the visual aesthetics that defined the play. This united effort resulted in an extraordinary production, truly brought to life by the students themselves.

The audience was treated to an unforgettable performance, where suspense, humor and mystery seamlessly intertwined, much like the classic board game and movie. The students' performances and dedication shone brightly, with each actor delivering remarkable portrayals of the iconic Clue characters.

The spotlight on "Clue: High School Edition" underscores the extraordinary talent, determination and collaborative spirit within the ACS community. It serves as a shining example of what students can achieve when they take the lead in crafting something truly special. As ACS continues to support its students in their artistic endeavors, it eagerly anticipates the next exceptional production that will further illuminate the skills and ingenuity of its talented students.

Clue Cast B