Byte-sized Coding: High Schoolers Teach Mini Vipers the Fundamentals of Computer Science



High School student with Elementary School student working together at a laptop

In a pioneering initiative that underscores the spirit of collaborative learning at ACS, High School students are taking the reins to teach Elementary students the fundamentals of computer science. This endeavor unfolds as part of Mini Vipers, ACS's after-school program catering to Elementary students.

The innovative collaboration aims to bridge the generational gap, fostering an environment where High School students become mentors, imparting their knowledge of computer programming to their younger counterparts. The initiative not only enriches the learning experience for Elementary students but also provides High Schoolers with an opportunity to cultivate leadership skills and give back to their school community.

Erik White, a Grade 5 teacher at ACS, spearheads the Let’s Code Beginner Mini Vipers activity. The sessions are structured to be interactive and engaging, ensuring that the young minds are not only learning the technical aspects of coding but also developing problem-solving skills and creativity. The High School mentors bring a fresh perspective to the classes, making the learning experience dynamic and enjoyable for everyone.

This collaborative effort aligns seamlessly with ACS's commitment to providing a well-rounded education that goes beyond traditional classroom boundaries. ACS continues to pave the way for excellence in education, showcasing how collaboration between different age groups can lead to meaningful and enriching learning experiences for all.