Viper Venture Returns after Two Years




Viper Venture Returns after Two Years

Returning after two years, Viper Venture, our experiential learning program, has returned. A unique opportunity designed to enhance and extend our curricular and co-curricular programs, Viper Venture offers students an opportunity to engage in thoughtfully designed programs based around our four pillars: Academics, Athletics, Arts and Service. 

During Viper Venture, students participate in a local three-day experience or travel internationally for a longer program. Each program allows students to participate in rich learning that cannot be replicated in a traditional classroom providing them with more authentic and enriching opportunities. Whether sharing their creativity through the arts or learning about the challenges faced and rich traditions and culture of Kenya, Viper Venture challenges students to take risks and move outside of their comfort zone while fostering deeper relationships among each other and their teachers. 

This year was filled with stories of learning that took place near and far. From earning their PADI certification to learning how to bake in a French patisserie to creating artificial reefs in Thailand and planting trees in Malaysia, our students proved not every classroom has four walls.

Service at ACS means learning about ourselves, our communities and the greater world by voluntarily supporting events and issues through research, advocacy, indirect and direct action. ACS remains committed to instilling a sense of community and responsibility to others through authentic learning experiences. Students are required to complete a number of service credits each year with thoughtful reflection recorded in their own portfolios. 

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