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ACS provides students with an exemplary American education to foster excellence in academics, the arts, athletics and service learning, empowering them to define and shape their futures.

Advancing our school above and beyond requires more than tuition alone can provide. The ACS Excellence Fund ensures we can take advantage of extraordinary opportunities for excellence as soon as they arise, which has an immediate and sustainable impact, strengthening and invigorating our school.

Supporting the ACS Excellence Fund today at any level demonstrates you believe in the mission and vision of our school and the impact that these contributions will have on student success. Your generous gift truly matters and makes a difference.

Annual giving allows ACS to invest deeply in delivering its mission and achieve an ambitious strategic plan. Your generous support enables ACS to:

  • Deliver a highly engaging, innovative and flexible curriculum

  • Continuously invest in our dedicated faculty and staff

  • Refresh classrooms and learning spaces 

  • Take advantage of opportunities for excellence as they arise 

"The American Community School of Abu Dhabi is an integral part of the United Arab Emirates, practically as old as the nation itself. ...Achieving the highest educational standards, ACS has graduated students who have made significant contributions all over the world and certainly within the UAE."

- H.E. Sheikh Nahayan Mubarak Al Nahayan
UAE Minister of Tolerance