Middle School Curriculum Overview

All students in the Middle School take a core selection of courses. All students take Math, Science, and Humanities. In addition to these courses, all students take a World Language, Health and Wellness, and Physical Education.

In the Spring of each year, Middle School students select their electives for the following year. Students enroll in the core subjects as well as a maximum of two encore classes per semester. The MS Principal and Counselor present students with their options and help answer questions and make selections as students and parents decide on which courses they would like to take.

Grade 6 students all take a semester of Drama, Art, or Educational Technology. Grade 6 students also choose either Band or Choir as a year-long elective. In Grades 7 and 8, students may select Band, Choir, Drama, and Art as year-long electives. Grade 7 & 8 students also have choices to take semester-long Art, Drama, or Design Technology. 

Encore classes are offered so students may experience and understand the importance of learning through a variety of mediums. To learn more about the specific electives offered in the Middle School, please see the course description handbook, which is posted on the website and updated each Spring, or see the Principal or Counselor. 
Middle school students are required to take a World Language course. Currently, Spanish, French, Arabic as a Native Language (ANL), and Arabic as a Foreign Language (AFL) are offered. Once a world language has been chosen, it must be taken throughout the student's middle school years. Students from Arab countries are required by the U.A.E. Ministry of Education to enroll in Arabic as a foreign or native language. New or additional world languages may be taken once the student has entered high school.
In addition to our academic classes, each middle school student is enrolled in an Oasis class. Oasis classes serve as our advisory class, the purpose of which is for each student to have one trusted adult who knows them beyond their academic life. We look to help students connect with each other and to foster social and emotional growth during this time, as well as help students feel a part of a community. Students meet in their Oasis classes twice a week for 40 minutes during the MS Flextime of our schedule. 
Students in the Middle School meet each week for an assembly. The purpose of our assemblies is to create and build community. The assemblies may be divisional (all-Middle School), grade level, or students might meet with their Oasis group. Assemblies may be led by the administrations, teachers, or by students. 
Students can take up to four Intersession courses in a year – one per quarter. These classes are short, non-graded, inspiring, exploratory courses that meet twice a week for a quarter (approximately 12 sessions).  Within our schedule, students will take their Intersession course during our MS Flextime, on opposite days from Oasis. These courses are an important aspect of the program we provide students because they teach children perseverance, communication skills, collaboration skills, creativity, how to reflect upon their learning, and how to make good choices. Like the Fun After School program, they also allow students the opportunity to develop interests and passions or to discover new ones. Students may propose intersession courses in upcoming quarters. In order to do so, the student(s) making the proposal must find a staff member willing to supervise the course.