Tuition & Fees

Application Fee

As of August 1, 2020, the application fee is AED 630 (non-refundable) which will include the VAT of 5%.

Reservation Fee

A reservation fee of AED 3,000 is payable in March of each year to reserve a seat for the following school year. New students are also charged the same fee payable within seven (7) days of notice of acceptance. This fee is applied toward tuition. This fee must be paid before a student will be permitted to attend class.


Grade Level Tuition 2020-2021
KG1 AED 47,200
KG2 – Grade 5 AED 70,700
Grade 6 – 8 AED 71,500
Grade 9 – 12 AED 85,500

Capital Fee

ACS charges a one-time, non-refundable capital fee of AED 18,700 for each new student enrolled at ACS. The capital fee is paid in full during the student’s first academic year at ACS. Income generated from the capital fee is used to finance major capital expenditures, including facility renovations and building projects.

Payment Schedule - Annual or Installments

Payment of tuition and fees for returning students is due on August 4, 2020. Payment for new students joining after the start of the school year is due within two weeks of invoicing. Payments received after that date will be considered late. If payment is not received by the due date, the student will be excluded from classes until such time the payment has been made.

Parents are personally responsible for the timely payment of all fees, irrespective of arrangements made with an employer.

Tuition can be paid for the full year in August or in installments according to the following schedule:

  • First Installment, 35% of tuition - due by August 4, 2020 
  • Second Installment, 30% of tuition, due by October 25, 2020
  • Third Installment, 35% of tuition, due by January 24, 2021

In cases where a student enrolls partway through the school year, the amount due at the time of enrollment is listed below. 

  • 1st quarter attended - 35% of annual tuition
  • 2nd quarter attended - 30% of annual tuition
  • 3rd quarter attended - 25% of annual tuition
  • 4th quarter attended - 10% of annual tuition
The quarters mentioned apply to the number of quarters attended by a student and do not refer to the specific quarters of the school year. Attendance for more than two weeks of one quarter shall be construed as attendance for the entire quarter insofar as payment of tuition is concerned.  Attendance of less than two weeks will be prorated based on the total number of school days.  No exceptions will be made to this policy.

Payment Methods

You may elect to make payments to ACS using any one of the following methods:
  • Cash Payment –UAE Dirhams only
  • Dirham Check –payable to ACS drawn on one of the local (UAE) banks
  • Dollar check –payable to ACS drawn on a U.S. bank (3.65 AED = $1.00)
  • Dirham Wire Transfer – to The American Community School of Abu Dhabi via our bank First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB), Bateen Branch, P.O. Box 7644, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Account No. 1481203128007056, IBAN: AE560351481203128007056 Swift Code: NBADAEAABAT

All fees associated with the wire transfer are the responsibility of the payer.


The school will issue invoices to all returning students, who have completed the re-enrollment process, prior to the end of the school year. New students are invoiced when they are accepted for admission.


Refunds are granted if the full annual tuition payment has been made and it becomes necessary for the student to leave ACS before the end of the school year. A partial tuition refund will be made upon receipt of a written request, from the individual or organization which made the original payment. The basis for a refund will be computed as follows:

  • One quarter not attended 10% of annual tuition
  • Two quarters not attended 35% of annual tuition
  • Three quarters not attended 65% of annual tuition

Refunds will only be given for quarters in which there was no attendance at all. For purposes of determining days attended insofar as tuition refunds are concerned, attendance will be counted up until five school days after written notice of withdrawal is received or the actual last day attended, whichever date is later. No refunds will be given for any other fees.
Force Majeure
In the event of a force majeure which causes a student or students to be withdrawn from the school, the fee already paid in full for the school year will not be refunded, or if unpaid, will be due. Any appeals resulting from the application of this policy will be resolved by the School Board.
Monique Flickinger, Superintendent