Life in Abu Dhabi

Louvre Abu Dhabi.jpg

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates, located on the beautiful Arabian Gulf coast. The city preserves its ancient and storied history while embracing change and innovation. Whether they have moved here with a family or on their own, ACS teachers will tell you they appreciate the city for its culture, accessibility, safety and livability. 

In 2024, we proudly opened the doors of our landmark new campus on Saadiyat Island, following a relocation from Al Bateen where ACS called home for 50 years. The city’s Saadiyat Island is home to white-sand beaches, as well as art and cultural offerings that include the Louvre Abu Dhabi and NYU Abu Dhabi. 

In Abu Dhabi, you will find music, film and arts exhibitions, as well as Formula 1, camel races, incredible restaurants, shopping opportunities and outdoor adventures. Try kayaking, boating or desert camping. Run marathons, horseback ride and join a sports team. As one of seven emirates of the UAE, Abu Dhabi is an optimal jumping-off point to explore the region. Dubai is just an hour away and the opposite Gulf of Oman coast is a three-hour drive. In between is the Al Hajar mountains and vast, remarkable desert to explore. Abu Dhabi’s international airport is the hub of Etihad airlines.

Faculty Housing for Overseas Hired Faculty

ACS overseas hired faculty enjoy comfortable and accessible housing conveniently located in Saadiyat. For those who want to live on the main island of Abu Dhabi, housing options are available and within minutes of the beautiful beaches along the Abu Dhabi Corniche. Rent and utilities are included as part of the overall benefits.