Online Learning Opportunities


Partnerships with Pamoja Education and Global Online Academy provide additional opportunities for students.

For ACS High School students wishing to further their education beyond ACS program offerings, ACS has partnered with globally leading course providers to add more choices and opportunities for our students. 

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Pamoja Education

Pamoja Education is the only online course provider that has been licensed by IB to offer IB courses online. Pamoja online IB courses provide students with a global learning experience, preparing them for an internet-enabled world. More than 450 schools around the world currently work with Pamoja in order to provide additional course choices for students; build more flexibility into student timetables; provide students with broader educational experience, and accommodate students who transfer from another school.

Students wishing to enroll in an online course need to have a record of strong academic performance, consistent Approaches to Learning (AtLs) and the approval of the IB DP Coordinator. Although students will be working primarily with an IB-trained online teacher, a site-based coordinator for Pamoja students will monitor the student’s progress in the subject area in school. 

With the exception of some cases based on our school policy, students will be required to pay a non-refundable annual fee for the delivery of the online course. An up-to-date list of courses offered by Pamoja can be found on their website

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Global Online Academy (GOA)

Global Online Academy (GOA) is a nonprofit, online course provider whose mission is to reimagine learning for students in a globally connected world. GOA is an international consortium of 120 schools from around the world where the member schools have full access to the course catalog. GOA provides a positive, interactive and academically rigorous environment for students while allowing them flexibility in their schedule. GOA courses connect students to specific topics of interest in a globally connected classroom. GOA courses are available to students in Grades 11 and 12 with approval from their Counselor and the High School Principal.