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It is with great enthusiasm that I write this message to welcome all of you to the high school web page. I look forward to working with all of you and contributing to the organization‘s illustrious history.

For those of you who are new to Abu Dhabi and/or the American Community School, I want to encourage you to share your insights and ideas, and help find creative ways to enhance the quality of life here at school from the very onset. To our returning families, I hope you will continue to offer your experience and energy to enrich our academic and extra-curricular programs.

As partners in our collective endeavor to provide the very best for our young people, your perspectives matter.

As noted elsewhere, the ACS community is unified around several core values; among them: people have equal intrinsic value; diversity with respect is a strength; and ethical and responsible conduct is fundamental to sustaining our society; and people are responsible for their choices, actions, and the consequences that result. Applying these overarching principles on a daily basis fosters a secure and supportive community in which young people develop intellectually and emotionally. These ideals further help students become global citizens who recognize the importance of promoting the common good. The myriad of concerns facing the world requires a generation of young people who can lead us to a more prosperous and peaceful future. Instilled with our shared values, students of ACS are prepared to do so.

The high school teachers and staff work diligently to awaken students‘ curiosity, equip our adolescents with the skills necessary to succeed in an increasingly complex and interdependent world, and ensure that our young adults gain an appreciation of the great intellectual, aesthetic, and musical traditions which have withstood the test of time. We will certainly require students to work hard. As importantly, if we expect students to reach their scholastic and human potential, we must not lose sight of their physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. A school must also be full of laughter, a refuge from anger and intimidation, and a place in which young people want to spend the majority of their time. My colleagues and I promise to do our part to make this year a memorable and enjoyable one.

A quick glance within these pages reveals the versatility of academic course offerings, the comprehensive nature of our extracurricular activities, our emphasis on service learning, and the varied opportunities to participate in experiential educational trips. Indeed, we aim to engage each child, both in and out of the classroom.

H.S. Principal
Amy Greene

Principal Amy Greene


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